UPDATE: Lucien Clarke Teases Upcoming Virgil Abloh Collab

Lucien Clarke is one of the skaters alongside Alex Olson and Blondey McCoy who has been surfing the lane where high fashion mixes with skate culture. He delves into the topic in a new interview from Issue 18 of Highsnobiety magazine, which was just published online today. For Clarke, the worlds blend seamlessly.

“I think a lot of contributing young fashion designers and street culture trends are known to hugely inspire the luxury fashion empires. For example, the black and Islamic community,” says Clarke. “I’d like to think skateboarding and fashion is one entity. I’ve never seen it as separate worlds. It depends how deep you go into it.”

The Palace pro goes on to explain why he views his interests in modeling, skateboarding, and photography as singular.

“It’s all very different but the same, if that makes any sense — which it doesn’t,” Clarke says of his interest in everything from modeling and photography to skateboarding. “It’s all very intertwined in a very subliminal way. I have a different eye for things. I got that from skateboarding and years of being in the street and seeing things most people don’t [when they] are on their regular route to work. There is so much going on around us. You gotta just step back and be still and watch.”

Clarke closes by teasing an upcoming project with Virgil Abloh that is likely to be something that everyone will be talking about once revealed.

When pressed further on this, asked if there’s anything he’s yet to accomplish, Clarke teases slyly, “Me and Virgil got summin’ cooking.”

Head over to Highsnobiety to read the entire piece.

UPDATE 04.30.19: Lucien unveiled Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton Staples Edition via Instagram earlier today alongside Donta Hill. We’re wondering if there’s more to this collaboration than just modeling this new line. Time will tell. Have a look at the photos below.

Image Via Supreme & Louis Vuitton