UPDATE: Thunder Welcomes Guy Mariano & VHS Mag Drops an Interview

Guy Mariano has been without a truck sponsor since leaving the Crailtap camp a few years ago. That changed today with his official Thunder introduction. The video is just 23 seconds; but Guy makes the most of it with a handful of incredible clips. Have a look at his latest wizardry above.

UPDATE 04.18.19: VHS Mag just published a new interview with Guy in which he talks about shying away from Instagram and focusing on a new full-length part that he plans on releasing for Nike SB in the near future.

I don’t want to focus on the Instagram anymore. I want to build a bond with  a filmer like before. I think that’s lacking in the current scene; and I think we should support filmers more. One thing to keep in mind is that filmers and photographers are doing more hard work than anyone else; but they have less of  financial return. It’s difficult because everyone is focused on the iPhone right now. That’s why the filmers work is diminishing. So I want to build a bond with a filmer, and make a video part—take a long time to work on a video project. I think it’s possible for an old skater to be able to demonstrate skating in a great way. It’s in the Olympic Games now, but skating is an art. Skaters are like artists who enter various phases, whether they are rushing out, during the heyday, or when they are old. This is how I approach my current skating. I think Instagram is a great platform, but not everything should be on it. I think we should still work on full-length videos.

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