Harmony Korine Explains the Connection Between His Writing, Art, & Films

Harmony Korine is primarily known for his films; but he’s been gaining notoriety in the art world through his paintings for several years now. With his new movie set to open on March 29, and a solo show up at New York’s Gagosian gallery through April 20, Vice took the opportunity to interview Korine about his art and how it relates to his film work.

That’s a whole other thing. With the art, it feels maybe slightly more precious in that I don’t make that much of it. I enjoy it just being like whatever it is, however it’s received, wherever it goes, I like the idea that paintings exist in all these places. I feel like it’s just another component of this idea of unified aesthetic. All the movies, the paintings, the writings are kind of interconnected. I mostly see it all as one thing anyway. I’m not really that ambitious. I’m happy just doing my thing and being left alone.

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Image Via Huck Magazine