Alphonzo Rawls Explains Riding for Bitch Skateboards

Alphonzo Rawls sits down for a two-hour interview on the last episode of The Nine Club. The conversation spans his 30-year career as a professional skateboarder, turned designer, turned brand owner; and there’s quite a bit of unknown information nestled in it. Rawls reveals the full story behind Expedition, Dave Kinsey as the designer of the DC Shoes logo, and why he rode for Sal Rocco’s controversial Bitch skateboards despite being friends with all of the Girl guys.

Steve Rocco’s brother Sal Rocco formed Bitch as kind of a parody brand of Girl. At that point in my career, I was trying to keep the dream alive… That was my option at that time. It wasn’t that I had anything against the Girl guys. Me and Koston were good buddies, roommates, and all of that stuff. It was either do that or go work at Home Depot or whatever. I’m trying to keep the dream alive. It comes to an inevitable end for everybody at some point…They were paying me to do graphics and ride pro for them… I remember explaining that to Koston: “Hey look, I don’t have anything against you. I love you guys. You’re cool with me.” I think those guys were kind of offended by it.

Watch the full interview above. This part about Bitch starts at 101:39.

Image Via Big Brother Magazine
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