Aaron Meza Reveals Unreleased ‘Epicly Later’d’ Ideas

Epicly Later’d’s run on the small screen was short-lived. Now that Meza has moved on to overseeing the video department at Nike SB, and O’Dell is working for Vans, it looks like one season is all that we will get. Meza talks about the show, including episode ideas that never saw the light of day, in a new interview with Heck Ride published this afternoon.

After your departure from Crailtap you started working with Vice. You were very involved in the Epicly Later’d (EL) series; What were some of the episodes that were talked about or started but never made the cut for that first and only season?

Two of the ones that never happened were a Dylan Rieder and a Greyson Fletcher episode. I think Dylan’s passing was just too soon beforehand and we figured most of the people that would be involved would probably not feel comfortable enough yet to talk about it. So instead of doing a Dylan episode it was decided to do one with Dill. We also did an interview with Greyson and I think the plan was to also include his family since they’re a very historic surf family. Midway through the filming of that episode we got contacted by the family and were told that they’d rather do their own movie/documentary on their family history instead. Since Greyson is still a very young skater we felt that an episode on him alone wasn’t going to be enough for a full episode so we ended up just scratching it.

Was there ever a lineup for a possible season 2 for EL?

We never filmed anything for season 2. Patrick did pitch one to the people in charge at Vice; I remember there being talks of a Tony Hawk episode. I know Jamie Thomas has mentioned it before but he was in that lineup; I remember suggesting Jason Lee, Elissa Steamer and Rob Dyrdek. I think Patrick really wanted to do an Olympics episode, kind of like the pros and cons to it but nothing really went past that unfortunately.

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Image via Viceland