Benny Maglinao Recounts Hockey’s Mysterious Origin

Fucking Awesome’s evolution from Dill and Mike Piscitelli’s indie clothing brand to worldwide phenomena is easily traceable. Hockey’s origin story… not so much. When it launched circa five years ago, people referred to it as AVE’s brand. More recently, it’s been attributed to Benny Maglinao. The former Alien filmer turned F.A. collaborator reveals how it all went down in a new Q&A published by Heckride yesterday.

Shortly after KOTR is when Alien unfortunately started to dismantle. Did you go with Dill and AVE when they left to start Fucking Awesome (FA)?

I actually stayed with Alien a short while after they left, so I wasn’t part of the initial start of the company. I was still living in the Bay area at the time and would come down and stay at Dills apartment and would hear them talking about it sometimes. He was talking about different company names that he liked and I remember him really liking the name “Hockey” for a brand. At the time, I was filming Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald a lot and I think I might have told Dill, “It would be sick to do that company Hockey with those two.” Things just kind of went from there and I remember him eventually saying, “You’re going to have to help with this company if we do it.”

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Image Via Splieslife