Jacob Harris Reveals New Atlantic Drift Projects

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve seen anything from Jacob Harris and Atlantic Drift. It sounds like that will be changing soon. In an interview with Heckride published yesterday, Harris reveals that a Tom Knox edit will be dropping within a month. And a Casper Brooker project similar to Tom’s 2020 part is also on the horizon.

Are there any cool future skate projects you’re currently working on?

Well at the moment we’re waiting for travel to open up again, and we already have some Atlantic Drift trips we want to do. There’s also a new Tom Knox part that should come out within the month, which I’m really excited for, that’ll be a Catfish. I’m also working on a new Casper part, sort of like the last Atlantic Drift episode with Tom. There’s also a Mike project I’m in the middle of right now too. So quite a few things in the works actually, I actually never think I’m busy until I sit down and think about it all.

Read the entire interview here.

Image Via Heckride