Tom Knox Delivers His Magnum Opus in Atlantic Drift 11

Flowing lines, impeccable style, and London’s old-world charm make Tom Knox’s latest effort with Jacob Harris a standout of 2020. If Vase was his introduction, Atlantic Drift 11 is Knox’s magnum opus. He talks about finishing this project during the pandemic in his Thrasher interview, which accompanies the video. The empty streets definitely add to the aesthetic.

Was it challenging trying to finish the new part when the pandemic hit?

Not at all. When everything first went into lockdown I just stayed home with the fam, skated a little flat here and there. When the restrictions started loosening, we got back on it and it was lovely. We were all out on bikes, everywhere was empty and having no tourists in London is great for skating. More than anything it’s rare to be home for that amount of time. I’m usually getting a week or two here and there, and suddenly we were both completely free.

We’d be remiss not include this in our list of SOTY contenders. Judge for yourself above.