Josh Stewart Interviews Jahmal Williams for SOLO

Jahmal’s episode of Mission Statement is still one of the most talked about from the series thus far. So it’s safe to assume that we’ve got some of J’s fans checking this feed. Given that, we’d be remiss not to point you in the direction of his new interview from the latest issue of SOLO conducted by Josh Stewart, which dropped online today. It sounds like there’s a Hopps full-length in the works, and Jahmal feels like he has a couple of more parts in him.

What do you have coming down the road?

There are still things such as a full-length the crew and I have been discussing. Everyone is always asking us for more clips and longer video productions. So this is something to keep an eye out for. As for myself, I would like to put out another video part or two. I will be putting out more of my artwork through Hopps, which people have been asking me for, and focusing on a couple of solo exhibitions.

Read the full interview here.

Image Via Pep Kim / SOLO