Karl Watson Reveals the Inner Workings of Maxallure

If you’ve been paying attention to its output, then you know that Maxallure is one of the more unique brands in skateboarding’s current landscape. The special sauce is the team’s involvement. Karl Watson breaks down how he’s using the tried-and-true formula of letting the riders shape the brand in his new interview with Adam Abada for Quartersnacks.

You’ve been a part of a bunch of now classic companies. What’s your goal moving forward with that legacy and bringing it to Maxallure?

Well, we’re going for straightforward, classic skating. To me, that’s hooking up some younger guys and giving them a platform to create what they want. Dre and Jonathan are working on their second graphics right now and are fully involved with the designer. Marcello created our MXA logo and some clothing. De Marquis takes photos for us. Desmond edited our video, “Manifest Destiny.” The riders are involved with the brand. These are dope dudes and great skaters. I want them to understand the in’s and out’s of the business. It’s not as glorious as some young people may think. It takes a lot of effort to make something grow.

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Image Via Mike Blabac