How Jahmir Brown Survived a Road Trip Into Trump Country

Jahmir Brown’s media profile continues to grow via an interview with Jenkem, which dropped today. It’s his most candid Q&A yet, and gives some solid insight into his trials and tribulations while coming up in Philly. It also illustrates how the divided nation has subtly impacted things that we’ve previously taken for granted, like road trips to remote areas.

On skate trips recently have you guys run into any anti-mask people, Trump fanboys, or COVID denying weirdos at grocery stores or gas stations?

I was so scared on the Bronze trip. That was my first road trip actually for a company and not just with a group of homies. It was really weird because we went on an upstate trip to New York and then we went to State College, PA and linked with Jake Johnson. So everywhere we went was just Trump flag, Trump flag, Trump flag, Trump flag, no mask, Trump flag, no mask, Trump flag. And I’m just like, fuck, bro.

This kid Dougie and I were the only black people on the trip, and I’m older than he is, so I’m feeling like I’m looking out for him, but also I don’t really have anyone who’s black and older than me to look out for me. So I’m like, “Fuck, bro, this is sketch.” So everywhere we go, I’m just telling the homies, “Bro, don’t leave me. If I want to go to the store, I need you to come by my side. I don’t feel comfortable. There’s a lot of people getting lynched out here, bro. I’m in a place that I don’t know.”

I was a little nervous for my life. I just took the precautions to keep my mask on, always sanitize, and just keep a trusted friend that was Caucasian nearby. Everyone on that trip looked after me, and they made sure that I felt very comfortable. And even when I wasn’t comfortable at all, I felt safe because of them.

Read the entire interview here.

Image Via Mike Heikkila / Jenkem