Spanky Talks Career Pinnacle in New SOLO Interview

Post comeback, Spanky is living his best life as a veteran pro skater, Baker’s art director, and a fine artist. He weighs in on all of this and more in an interview from the latest issue of SOLO, which is curated by Dustin Dollin. At what he describes as the “height of his career,” Spanky offers a key insight regarding appreciating the present moment, and remaining open to whatever the future may bring.

With all the stuff going on, in which direction do you want to go next?

I am happy to be in a place right now where I can combine art direction and skateboarding. Instead of thinking what’s next, I just want to keep going in directions that make sense. Social media has changed what it means to have any sort of career or title. I’m just going to say yes to everything that is presented to me. I like the grey area right now, following the direction that’s inspiring. The key is to hold space for exploration, but I’d also be happy to just work at Baker, it makes me so happy.

Read the entire interview here.

Image Via SOLO