UPDATE: Jim Greco’s New Film Titled ‘Jobs? Never!!’ Debuts on Thrasher

Jim Greco doesn’t release video parts anymore. He spends a couple of years making short films that capture the full aesthetic of the message that he’s trying to convey. When juxtaposed with what Jonah Hill said about skate videos influencing his filmmaking technique for mid90s, what Greco is doing is on another level cinematically. His latest project titled Jobs? Never!! is releasing via Thrasher on Thursday in support of Greco’s new Supra shoe. He reunites with Joey Sinko and the legendary Tobin Yelland on digital and 16mm footage for this upcoming self-directed and self-edited manifesto. Have a look at the trailer below.

UPDATE 9.27.18: Thrasher just posted Greco’s new film. Watch it in its entirety below.

Image Via Board Rap