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UPDATE: Jim Greco’s New Film Titled ‘Jobs? Never!!’ Debuts on Thrasher

Jim Greco doesn’t release video parts anymore. He spends a couple of years making short films that capture the full aesthetic of the message that he’s trying to convey. When juxtaposed with what Jonah Hill said about skate videos influencing his filmmaking technique for mid90s, what Greco is doing is on another level cinematically. His latest project titled Jobs? Never!! is releasing via Thrasher on Thursday in support of Greco’s new Supra shoe. He reunites with Joey Sinko and the legendary Tobin Yelland on digital and 16mm footage for this upcoming self-directed and self-edited manifesto. Have a look at the trailer below.

UPDATE 9.27.18: Thrasher just posted Greco’s new film. Watch it in its entirety below.

Image Via Board Rap


Voting Open for the Red Bull Terminal Takeover

Red Bull Terminal Takeover

Last April 15-16, eight crews from seven states took over the old MSY Terminal for the ultimate skate jam and created video edits of their sessions.

Now you have the power to vote for the best edit for this year’s Red Bull Terminal Takeover.

The winning crew will receive prize money for an organization of their choice.

Visit Red-Bull-Terminal-Takeover ( to meet the teams, watch the videos, and vote for your favorite entry.

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Thunder Trucks Welcomes Hermann Stene in their New Part

Watch Hermann Stene’s insane tricks in this Thunder Trucks’ welcome video now playing at the Thrasher Magazine Channels.

This Norwegian skater started skating at the age of eight and became a part of the Norwegian National Skateboarding Team in 2018.

Stene, now almost 30, has been showing his skills for close to 15 years now, and there is no better way to show off his skills with this beautifully filmed video.

Amazingly, Stene has never gone pro, whether that is bad luck or age bias, there is no denying the talent.

Oh and watch out at 1:33 for one of the sweetest frontside kickflips you’ll see this year.

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Globe Skateboarding Drops ‘Various Places’

Watch Austyn Gillette, Sammy Montano, and Aaron Kim shred the prime skate spots of New York, Ohio, and Vigo, Spain in the latest Globe Skateboarding video.

With some moves from places like New York, Ohio, and even hitting the beaches of Vigo in Spain (jealous much?!), you’ll want to be grabbing your board immediately.

“Various Places” is a 16 mm film by Joe G. and Matt Payne and is available now on their YouTube channel as well as embedded above.

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