How Jonah Hill’s ‘mid90s’ Was Inspired by Skate Videos

Given the early reviews, Jonah Hill’s mid90s is likely to be a much bigger deal than anyone anticipated. According to Hill, a lot of the magic comes from the cast—many of whom had never acted before. He breaks down why he chose not to use professional actors, and how the film was actually inspired in part by skate videos starting at the 15:52 mark of this new interview with Collider.

We read like one actor, and it was so not the vibe of the movie. I grew up skateboarding. Skateboarders film each other, and they’re on camera all of the time. Their personalities shine. Not only are they performing their art form… I love skate videos [that show] the part in between the skating, when you’re seeing people be friends, and a community together. I kind of wanted to show a reverse skate video. Almost no skating, but the friendship and love that’s in between those moments. And nobody has more charisma, depth, pain, laughter, than the skateboarders. They’re people that choose to fall down everyday, and get back up.

Watch the entire interview above. mid90s hits theaters on October 19.