Justin Henry Talks New Quasi Video in Slam City Interview

Quasi’s follow-up to Mother has to be one of the most anticipated videos of 2021. While an official release date has yet to be announced, it seems to imminent based on recent Instagram posts. Justin Henry’s new interview with Farran Golding for Slam City supports that assertion. It sounds like it’s in the final stages of production, and Justin and Dane Barker will have full parts. Read the below quoted passage for additional details.

You’re wrapping up another part for Quasi right now. What’s the deal with this video?

It’s going to be me and Dane Barker but other dudes are going to have footage in some form. I don’t know who’ll have full parts but I know for a fact Dane and I will.

This is the next work after Mother, you know? Chad approached me about starting to film and then Dane got on so it made sense for him to film a part.

You’ve compared skate videos to albums a couple of times during this conversation. There’s a long-running thing in music about how you’ve got your entire life, up until that point, to write your first album so naturally the second one’s way tougher. Does that translate to skating?

For sure. This one’s beatin’ my ass [laughs].

I’m playin’. The first one, there’s nothing to think about – you’re just doing it. You put so much into it, you want it so bad and then the second, the motivation has changed. I’m hungry for this one in a different way.

The first, nobody knows you. Whereas now – and I’m not hating on this by any means – but I’m on a trip and we’re doing an interview, you know? So there’s more responsibility and you think more about wanting to make sure it’s on par with your last.

Do you get involved with how it’s coming together or prefer to trust the filmer/editor and see it at the end?

It goes both ways. I trust they’ll steer me in the right direction but also, to me, shaping your footage is the art form.

There’s a mutual understanding and we all have our input. The filmer is filming – he’s a part of the trick so I want to know what he thinks. The owner of the brand owns the brand so I want to know how they see it. The team manager has a role, you know?

You want to make sure the collective agrees.

Head over to Slam City to read the entire piece.

Image Via Dakota Mullins / Slam City