Max Palmer Weighs in on the Demise of 917’s Team

Heckride continues to deliver the stories that the culture is interested in. Its latest interview interview with Max Palmer picks up where Cyrus’s Bunt interview left off regarding the demise of 917’s team. No word on where the crew will go from here, or Alex’s plan for the brand. But it’s definitely interesting to get some additional perspective.

You guys eventually went on to make a second video and when I did a Pals Questions with Cyrus (Bennett) he talked about how the dynamic with the company had changed by then and that Alex (Olson) didn’t even come to the premiere. He later went on to publicly announce on his Bunt interview last month that he, along with the rest of the team, had quit. What went on behind the scenes at 917 that made everyone want to quit? And did you have a hard time leaving it?

I definitely felt really bad, but in the end there was no bad blood between me and Alex. It just got to a point where we were all just over it, and wanted to move on. We just wanted to do more, and make more stuff happen. But with 917, I felt like we weren’t really doing anything. We just all wanted to be more proactive with doing trips and doing graphics. But it just got to a point where it was too hard to communicate, and get anything done. For the second video, we all worked really hard on it, and Alex didn’t come to premiere. So it all just felt really weird. It was at the same place as the first video too, but everything just felt so off compared to first premiere. We all felt like we had worked so hard on the video, but it just didn’t hit the same.

Then, later on, Nik (Stain) and Vincent (Touzery) quit, and that took the wind out of the board sales. But yeah, eventually Cyrus said he was over it. And I had told him that if he left, there would be no reason for me to stay. But when I talked to Alex, it was totally cool, and he understood. He said, “I get it, and have been in that same position as you before. So I understand. I’m still here if you need any help from me for anything, just let me know.” I don’t know if he’s going to keep the company going because he didn’t tell me. So I’m not sure about that. He just has a lot of stuff going on at the moment.

He did just have a recent Out There segment where he mentions that his main focus these days is music and surfing…

I mean, that’s how he is. He just has so many interests. He’ll get super hyped on one thing, then jump into something else.

So what’s going on at the moment with you and the rest of the crew? Is there anything new coming or are you guys just taking it day-by-day for the time being?

Nothing in the works at the moment, we’re all just in limbo for now. I mean the crew is all really good friends. So that’s not going to change. As of now, I don’t really know what we’re doing.

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Image Via Rich Gilligan