Keith Hufnagel Confirms That HUF Will Have a Team & Tour Post Footwear

With HUF’s run in footwear coming to an end in the next few months, it’s been a bit unclear on what the brand will look like in the wake of its shoe team. Keith Hufnagel clarifies his vision in a new profile published in the latest issue of Playboy, which was released online today.

Hufnagel wants HUF to have a skate team no matter what. He wants skaters to wear HUF clothes. “Our roots come from skateboarding, so we’re always going to support skateboarding, one way or another,” he says. “We’re going to have a team, we’re going to do tours, we’re going to put people in the clothes, we’re going to embrace who they are and help them excel in skateboarding.”

Head over to Playboy to read the entire feature.

Image Via Atiba Jefferson / Playboy