The Bunt Ends Season 9 With a Nice Fred Gall Update

The Bunt closes out their ninth season with a banger. Fred Gall has somehow persevered through many well-documented trials and tribulations. But it sounds like he has it all figured out these days based on the update that starts at the 57:58 of his latest interview.

I work full-time pretty much. I work for a shop called Time & Space. I’m the head painter…we just do a lot of set jobs. Just random shit. It’s always different. It’s like a fabrication company. But yeah, I like what I’m doing. I’m pretty stoked.

I just built a ramp actually…In my yard. [It’s like] a five foot mini ramp with a seven foot extension. It’s pretty sick. So I skate that after work or whatever. And I just skate on the weekends.

I’ve been sober for five months now too. So that’s what I’ve been focusing on. Trying to buy a vehicle, and get my life together.

It sounds like Uncle Freddy is going to be just fine. Listen to the entire interview above.