Why Kenny Anderson Appreciates the Current Era

Kenny Anderson is one of the pros that’s endured through several decades. While many in his age bracket are nostalgic for eras that have come and gone, Kenny has a genuine respect for what’s happening currently. The grassroots movement that is the driving force behind the industry right now is organically moving skateboarding in a more artistic direction. Kenny discusses the phenomena starting at the 15:42 mark of German institution Titus’s recent interview with him.

A lot of it reminds me of when I was back in Vegas. I was sponsored by Planet Earth, but didn’t do anything. Now I feel like there are all of these people that are kind of that same way, but are doing something with their crew. And all of a sudden, they have this company. Or [it’s just] a crew, and you see them on Instagram… It reminds of why I started. It’s not about these huge financial projections or anything. It’s just crews doing what they want to do. Some make a company. But even when they do that, they’re just doing something that they want to do. It’s more of an art form right now. The art side is being expressed really well in skateboarding.

Watch the full interview above.