Kyron Davis Sheds Some Light on Numbers in New Parade Interview

Eric Koston and Guy Mariano’s Numbers has slowly but surely been taking shape over the past few years. Since launching the brand with Rodrigo TX, Miles Silvas, and Antonio Durao in 2016, they’ve released several edits, picked up Kyron Davis and Magnus Borderwick, and, most recently, turned Antonio pro. Kyron Davis gives an insiders perspective on his experience riding for Numbers thus far in a new interview released by Parade yesterday. 

You ride for Numbers, how’s skating with Guy Mariano and Eric Koston?

I’ve not skated with Guy that much, I think I’ve met him only twice so far. With Eric, it’s cool because I’d met him three times before we even skated together, so when we got to skating it just felt like skating with one of your mates. We’ve done Nike things in the past so we’d been around each other before I was riding for Numbers. He’s just one of the lads, I like his view on skating, he’s a fun guy to be around for sure.

Have you skated with Antonio Durao? Is he as sick as you see on Instagram?

That’s his normal behavior yeah, he doesn’t care about filming tricks or anything he just does it. He’s not like ‘oh get the camera out’, everything you see him do just comes naturally. He’s probably one of my favorite skaters, one of the best skaters in the world in my opinion. His body moves in ways that I haven’t seen before, the way he flips his tricks. Plus he’s cool as fuck too, he’s funny to be around and savage on a night out (laughs).

Any guys on the team you’ve not had the chance to spend much time with?

I’ve actually never met Rodrigo TX. I’ve met Magnus a few times but only really hung out with him at the CPH Pro, which is hectic. I think we’re going to be doing a European tour this year. I’ve not met Miles either, I’ve chatted with him a bit on messenger but that’s it. I think we’ve been taking it quite slow with Numbers, not trying to over saturate it too early. This year we’re going to start picking it up and doing some trips.

For more on Kyron, head over to Parade to read the rest of the interview.

Image Via Joel Peck / Parade