Leo Fitzpatrick Explains His Unique Curatorial Process

Leo’s gallery continues to get great press. The latest bit of Q&A comes via Bedford + Bowery, and reveals a bit more behind Fitzpatrick’s curatorial process.

How have you picked the artists you’ve shown so far?

It’s been like building a weird skateboard team or sports team. I want the guys who turn a basketball game into a dodgeball game. Like, when one of my artists walk into a room, I want people to be nervous. So my plan was for the first year not to work with any established artists that are already showing in the art world or have galleries, which is harder than you’d think, to find these artists who are kind of on the fringe.

Weirdo Dave’s “Fuck this Life” show will be closing on Sunday, which gives you the perfect excuse to head to the city to check it out now that it’s warming up a bit.

Image Via Vice