Johnny Wilson Explains the Value of Under-Hyping Videos

Heckride continues its conversations with some of our favorite videographers this week via an interview with Johnny Wilson. John’s Vid pretty much took everyone by surprise last year. Wilson breaks down why he kept the project under wraps, and how that impacted last year’s SOTY race in this new bit of Q&A.

“John’s Vid” came out pretty strong with no kind of hype. If I remember correct the only hints of it coming was when Cyrus talked about it in his Pals Questions. Do you always prefer to have a video come out with no hype?

Yeah besides Cyrus talking about it nobody really knew it was coming. But yeah I didn’t really want to tell anyone, I feel like the more you hype something up the more anticipation it brings. I just think it’s cool for a video to just pop up and be good. 

I remember when I first saw it I had to watch Cyrus’s part a few times before I could move on to the rest of the video. He really put in work for that part.

Yeah he had an amazing year in 2020. I remember looking back and thinking of all the crazy shit he did last year. I didn’t even tell anyone at Thrasher that the video was coming but apparently Cyrus could have easily been a SOTY contender had they’d known. But I just didn’t think about that at all.

Read the full interview here.

Image Via Jonathan Mehring / Jenkem