Leo Fitzpatrick Breaks Down ‘90s Culture & Drops a Playlist for Cell Vision

Leo Fitzpatrick is one of our favorite New York personalities. That’s why we tapped him to be one of the first handful of guests on Mission Statement. He’s always entertaining and insightful, and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud at least once if you get into a conversation with him. Cell Vision just dropped a lengthy interview with Leo in which he breaks down ‘90s culture to a tee, and also drops a playlist that you may want to check out over the weekend.

Yeah, when I first started skating, I didn’t know anything about music, but older kids were wearing Smiths shirts, Fugazi, all this stuff. But as those kids stopped skating and we got a little older, around 14 is when rave culture and skating collided. And ravers looked like skaters, skaters looked like ravers. Stores like X-Large is where everybody would hang out and buy the clothes, Liquid Sky… So now you have like all these skaters going to raves, you’d listen to hip hop all day, then you’d listen to The Orb all night. But you, know, it was weird because on the darker side of rave culture you had the goth side of things. So we’d be going to see My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. But on acid, cuz it was like going to a rave, but a different thing. And that was really great too, and that’s kind of where my musical taste ended up, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and stuff like that. I just like the energy, like Butthole Surfers. Just the energy that’s in those records. I mean, nothing can really beat Bad Brains and H.R.’s energy, but getting that level of energy is so sick to me.

Read the entire interview here, and check the tunes below.

Image Via Lucas Walters / Cell Vision