Anthony Van Engelen Says He’s Taking a Carefree Approach to Skating

Anthony Van Engelen’s career highlights are untouchable. He was a cornerstone of Alien Workshop’s golden era, and has had a string of highly-coveted pro model shoes. AVE also has an SOTY trophy in his possession, and cofounded skateboarding’s current most celebrated brand. When you think about it, he really has nothing left to prove or accomplish within our culture. So it makes perfect since that now, at 40, Anthony has taken on a more carefree outlook on skating. He breaks it down in the latest Last Words from SOLO.

Last time you worried about skateboarding and why?

I think most of my worries with skateboarding are just personally my stuff with it as I get older and I’m doing it and this is all I have ever fucking done. But as far as skateboarding in general… At my age now I’m just like “I don’t care…” I used to maybe worry about the whole deal a lot more. I don’t really worry about it. I mean I have opinions about it but…

So skateboarding is doing fine you think?

I mean yeah. There is a lot of parts in it that are doing great but there is all that new crazy shit, too.

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Image Via Stefan Schwinghammer / SOLO