Leo Valls Targets Defensive Architecture

Longtime proponent of the skate urbanism movement and developer of skateable art, Leo Valls sets his sights on skatestoppers. After posting an Instagram story about skatestoppers reappearing on Pier 7 and receiving an outpouring of support, Valls invited his followers to join in the discussion and promoted positive communication with city officials.

“Skate stoppers, shared public spaces and skate friendly cities seems to be a topic that interests a lot of skateboarders around the world. So much to say and do on that matter,” Valls said.

He continues,

Skate stoppers are wrong because:

  • They send a negative message to the general public about skateboarding and the act of playing in the city
  • They cost money to build and install, money that could be used to create skate friendly features elsewhere for example
  • They often bother other city users (people who want to sit, wheelchair users etc)

Valls has long been involved in making the urban landscape skate-friendly. His work in Bordeaux has made a significant difference in the community, and it’s sparking some other important conversations, too, including public space accessibility and anti-homeless devices. Get in on the conversation on IG below.


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