Levi’s Skateboarding and Poetic Collective Team Up For ‘On Land’ Video

Poetic Collective is a brand out of Malmo, Sweden that utilizes a minimalist aesthetic that is widely popular in Scandinavia. Drawing inspiration from everything its crew encounters from art, to skateboarding, to people walking by, Poetic Collective’s unique designs have been making waves in Europe for a few years. Recognizing the beauty in the brand’s vision, Levi’s Skateboarding teamed up with Poetic Collective on a new video and capsule collection. On Land was shot entirely in Stockholm last spring and features Simon Källkvist, Johan Bergljung, Samuel Norgren, Nils Lilja, Peter Johansson, Klas Andersson, and Tom Botwid enjoying the first warm weather of 2018. While the product has yet to be released, you can enjoy the visual portion of this project above.

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