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Watch the Raw Clips from Louie Lopez’s Converse Part


Monarch Project Releases First Video on Thrasher Magazine

Watch the Monarch’s “~Hello~” video which puts its Am team members Rommel Torres, Dylan Clark, Blake Norris, Kieran Woolley, and Evon Martinez in the spotlight. Monarch’s Pro skaters Leticia Bufoni, Sky Brown, and Diego Najera are also featured in the video.

Monarch is a board company established by Leticia Bufoni and Sky Brown.

Bufoni is a six-time X Games gold medalist and the first Street League Super Crown Women’s Champion in 2015.

Brown is the youngest British Olympics medallist. She was 13 years old when she competed and earned the Bronze medal in the Women’s Skatepark event at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

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Watch the Monster Euro Tour Episode 1

Monster Energy drops the first Episode of the Monter Euro Tour on their YouTube channel. It features the first three stops of the tour: Bristol, Hamburg, and Berlin.

Ishod Wair, Nyjah Huston, Gabriel Fortunato, Aurelien Giraud, and the rest of the Monster Crew jammed with the locals and enlivened the cities’ local skate spots.

The Monster Euro Tour kicked off in May and the last stop is set in September.

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Raphae Ueda Now On Board with Monster

Raphae Ueda is the newest addition to Monster Energy’s skate roster.

The promising 15-year-old skater finished 5th in the 2021 Skateboarding National Championships.

Raphae practically grew up skating since his father Lincoln Ueda is a famous vert skater and currently a coach in CA|TF. Growing up, he was constantly surrounded by skateboard icons such as Steve Caballero, Neal Hendrix, and more.

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