Will Brenes, Meza, Howard, and Barley Appear in Jonah Hill’s New Movie?

With Jonah Hill’s mid90s dropping on October 19, more information about the film is being leaked to the public. Today, Crailtap posted this photo of Chico Brenes, Aaron Meza, Rick Howard, and Donny Barley dressed like police that are apprehending Hill at the West L.A. Courthouse. Given that the famous spot was integral to the ‘90s Los Angeles skate scene and appears in the trailer, it’s not farfetched to conjecture that Brenes, Meza, Howard, and Barley will make a cameo in Hill’s directorial debut. If so, that’s an epic nod to the era. Have look at Crailtap’s post below.

UPDATE 8/3/18: Jonah Hill confirmed via Instagram that Chico, Meza, Howard, and Barley are in the film. This is going to be epic!

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