Must Read: Rick Howard Interviews Chico Brenes

The pairing of Rick Howard and Chico Brenes might be Jonah Hill’s greatest editorial achievement with his recent issue of Monster Children. The interview focuses on surfing, but contains some great insights into Chico’s current renaissance. He’s transitioned from cultural icon into this almost guru-like status that catches waves in the mornings and skates a 2×4 in the afternoon. He also looks just as comfortable on his board in 2021 as he did back in 1992. Clearly, the guy is doing it right. Read a few key insights below.

Now I can’t believe I’m that guy in the morning, checking the waves, seeing what spot is going to work. If you had of told me back in the ‘90s when I was skating Embarcadero that I would be doing this, I would’ve laughed in your face. We would get up at noon, go skate Embarcadero, stay up until midnight or one, go to the Civic Center or something and keep skating. That was the lifestyle that we were living.

Yeah. It’s pretty life-changing.

Dude, I feel good. I feel stronger, I feel good on my skateboard. I feel happy when I get out of there. It’s just an amazing feeling, man, just seeing dolphins, whales, wildlife. And there’s times I’ll surf for two hours and then I’ll go skate for another two hours. I couldn’t do that when I was in my twenties, man.

Yeah, that’s some stamina.

I stopped drinking too, six years ago, and when you get older, man, you start taking care of your body. If you want to do this kind of stuff that we’re doing, skateboarding and surfing, you got to take care of your body at some point.

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Image Via Monster Children