Austyn Gillette Talks Sponsors & Upcoming Video Part

Some of our questions from last year regarding Austyn Gillette’s sponsorship status are addressed in a new feature interview released by Monster Children this evening. His Q&A from Issue 66 reveals that the rumor that Austyn is starting his own board company is, in fact, just a rumor. He’s printing his own signature boards, but has no plans to release them to the public. 

You’ve got a board company in the works, haven’t you? Why do you lie to me?

I really don’t. I’m not starting anything. I can’t… I don’t have enough time to do that. I’m just riding boards with photos taken by a good friend of mine. She shot photos of some friends of ours, and then I write a word that I like on it, and I print it, and I skate it. I’ve been skating the same shape for about twelve years, so I’m just putting a new image on that.

Austyn also spills the beans on Former’s upcoming video titled Cheap Perfume, which should be releasing soon.

Let us now talk about the upcoming Former video, Cheap Perfume. How did it come about?

Well, we grew up watching skate videos, and with the company and the people that ride for us, we wanted to make a sort of timeless contribution to the next generation of kids.

And you personally bankrolled this thing.

I’ve more or less self-funded this project, yeah. I’ve tapped into savings and personal savings and asked [favours from] a lot from close friends and musicians and people. There’s a lot behind it, and I’m really excited. Hopefully, folks will feel it and support it. We’ve travelled the whole god-damned world for a year straight to put this thing together. It’s been fucking hard. It’s been hard.

For more, head over to Monster Children to read the entire piece.

Image Via Monster Children