Jamal Smith Drops Knowledge in New Thrasher Interview

Turning pro at an advanced age gives Jamal Smith a bit more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding than the typical rookie. He shares a few gems that are both comedic and insightful in his new Thrasher interview, which was released online yesterday.

One thing I’m forever grateful for is not going pro when I was a teenager. Although it would’ve been sick as shit to go straight to skate life, experiencing 9-5 jobs, insane relationships and the trials and tribulations of becoming an adult has made me 10,000 times more appreciative to be in the position I’m in. Before I started making a living off skating, my last job was with a screen-printing company. It was the typical 9-5 Monday-through-Friday grind, making t-shirts and cleaning silk screens. To be honest, I fell in love with learning the process of making bad t-shirts, but the work environment was harsh as fuck. Once skateboarding started working out for me and I was getting invited on trips, my bosses’ resentment started getting intense. They hit me with the ultimatum of continuing to go on trips and be fired or keeping my job and making minimum wage forever. I quit and never looked back.

You should definitely give this a read if quarantining disrupted your procurement of the latest issue of the Bible.

Image Via Thrasher