Neen Williams Partners With Whole Foods on Healthy Cooking Segment

Whoever Neen Williams’s publicist is deserves a raise. He’s been getting some major coverage lately.  Last summer, his healthy lifestyle was profiled by Vice. The video ended up going viral, and is now sitting pretty with over 1.5 million views. And a couple of weeks ago, he did this cooking spot for Whole Foods in which he teaches the world how to make three healthy dishes using cauliflower rice. If you follow Neen’s YouTube channel, then you already know he’s a badass in the kitchen. But getting recognized by a national grocery store chain for his cooking skills is on another level. You can visit Whole Food’s site to read Neen’s recipes. And if you’re in Southern California, he will be giving a cooking lesson at the Whole Foods Playa Vista store on September 9. In the meantime,  Check out Chef Neen’s crossover into the mainstream above.