Peter Sidlauskas Talks Bronze’s ‘2020’ With Skate Jawn

As mentioned previously, Bronze is currently in a renaissance that puts it in the class of the most influential brands out there. In short, if Peter Sidlauskas drops an edit, you’re watching it. He talks about Bronze’s latest offering in a new interview with Skate Jawn. Despite holding the title of most memorable video of the year a full three months in, he says filming for 2020 was a lot more mellow than It’s Time.

It was a lot different than It’s Time, I don’t think anyone was really stressing on going hard for a big video part. I really liked Mark’s part, it came together pretty chill. He’d get a clip, then kinda chill for a month, then be like, “found this spot on google maps in Jersey, should check it out”. It wasn’t on some “THIS IS GONNA BE MY BIG PART” type of vibe.

We also found his 2020 predictions entertaining.

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Head over to Skate Jawn to read the rest and check out a bunch of cool photos.

Image Via Mike Heikkila