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UPDATE: Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Primitive’s ‘Encore’



Primitive’s Encore was one of the best videos to be released last year. The brand is known for impeccable skating, and production value that is second to none. Good taste is something that repeatedly comes up in our circle of friends. P-Rod and crew certainly have it.

“Behind the Missions” is a five-part series that examines the process for filming for the video. Episode 1 focuses on a 10-day trip to Chengdu, China featuring Tiago Lemos, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent McClung, Jenn Soto, and Robert Neal. From Oliver Barton’s intellectual insights into architecture and Tiago’s insurmountable spirit, to the team’s recollections of what went into capturing the tricks; this series is clearly a must-watch Encore companion piece.

Check out the debut episode above. We’ll update as more are released.

UPDATE 07.03.20: While the footage is done; there is a plethora of still documentation from Primitive’s Encore that remains to be seen by the masses. Fortunately, P-Rod and crew dropped a 44-page photo book featuring images captured during the making of the video. You can download it here for free.

UPDATE 05.15.20: The final episode abandons the narrative for 40 minutes of raw footage form the making of Encore. We’re sure many remixes will follow.

UPDATE 06.08.20: The saga continues in Episode 5. Miles gets on board four months before the video’s deadline, and goes on his first filming mission with P-Rod in Sac, hits Portugal, and stacks some last-minute hammers at iconic locations. See how it all went down above.

UPDATE 05.18.20: Episode 4 focuses on Franky Villani, and the x factor that he brings to the Primitive team. Wade Desarmo‘s narration eloquently drives the point home. Check it out above.

UPDATE 05.11.20: Episode 3 follows Giovanni Vianna‘s rise from flow to having a full part in Encore. Get the backstory above.

UPDATE 05.04.20: Episode 2 reflects on the Sacramento trip in which Miles Silvas skated his first Primitive pro model alongside Carlos Ribeiro and Giovanni Vianna. Check it out above.


DC Shoes Drops New Video on Freeskatemag Channel



Bordeaux native Sergio Cadare led a crew of international DC Riders as they ripped the streets of Bordeaux for the latest DC video entitled Sergio.

The video features Adilson Pedro, Luca Gozzo, Benjamin Garcia, Josh Arnott, Leo Valls, Andrea Dupre, Arthur Giat, and Nick Dias.

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Watch What Went Down in the Red Bull Lisbon Conquest



See the action unfolds in the Red Bull Lisbon Conquest as Madars Apse shows us what went down in the three-day event.

Red Bull Lisbon Conquest is the second time Red Bull organized such an affair after the successful Red Bull Paris Conquest last year.

The events aim to pay homage to the skate culture of great cities around the world featuring a contest held in replicas of some of the host city’s most iconic skate spots. The competition for this year was held in Praça do Comércio, Lisbon.

Unlike other skate contests, Red Bull Conquest has a head-to-head eliminator format. The judges wouldn’t give individual scores to the competitors but would determine who would progress to the next round.

Bruno Senra and Roos Zwetsloot won Red Bull Lisbon Conquest.

Aside from the contest, the Red Bull Conquest also features side events such as street sessions and local skate shop visits.

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Santa Cruz Skateboards’ ‘True Grit’ features Tom Asta



In this latest “True Grit” video by Santa Cruz Skateboards, Tom Asta revealed that he never planned on becoming a pro but just enjoyed skating as a teen. He turned out to be one of the best pro skaters we know today.

He talked about growing up in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and also showed his favorite skate spots in his hometown. Town mates Chris Cole and Ian Berry, and other pro skaters spoke about how they met Tom and how they have seen him develop into the skater that he is today.

The “True Grit” video series attempts to get an in-depth look into how skaters came to where they are now by visiting them in their hometowns and interviewing the people around them.

Watch more of Tom Asta in the Santa Cruz Skateboards’ welcome video below.

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