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Year in Review: These Are the 10 Videos That Defined 2019



2019 was a hell of a ride. Rest in peace: Jake Phelps, Pablo Ramirez, Ben Raemers, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Jon Comer. In terms of skate videos, 2018 was a tough act to follow; but the past 12 months definitely delivered. Below is the second installment of our annual Top 10 Videos of the Year list. We base it on impact, presentation, cultural significance, and level of skateboarding. There are likely some glaring oversights in some people’s opinions. We can only address this with the caveat that there can only be 10. That said, scroll down to see what defined 2019 from our perspective. We’ll see you next year.

10. DGK Thoro

Don’t call it a comeback. DGK‘s back to basics campaign culminated with the release of Thoro last February. Directed by Brian Panebianco, the video is an East Coast centric masterpiece that pays homage to the Dirty Ghetto Kids’ origin. And John Shanahan’s pro debut was definitely a standout part this year.

09. Cover Version

Dan Magee dropped his first full-length since the Blueprint days back in June. Cover Version came through like a breath of fresh air, and is a reminder of the power of a properly produced independent skate film. Considering Josh Stewart hasn’t made a Static video in five years, this filled a void for something that’s been missing in the genre for quite a while.

08. 917 Video 2

917‘s second video cemented its position as one of skateboarding’s premiere brands. What was once thought of as Alex Olson‘s side project now boasts a team that consists of some of the East Coast’s most respected skaters. Nik Stain, Cyrus Bennett, and Max Palmer seem to be carrying the torch for guys like Donny Barley and Reese Forbes in terms of speed and power. 917 Video 2 puts that on full display for those that may have been sleeping on what it’s been building.

07. Habitat Connector Line

One of our favorite narratives over the past year-and-a-half is the resurgence of the Sovereign Sect. Alien and Habitat are showing shades of their former glory; and Connector Line drives this point home for the latter. It also features one of the four Mark Suciu parts that should have earned him SOTY this year, but more on that later.

06. Nike SB Trust Fall

Full disclosure: there was another video in this slot that mysteriously disappeared from the internet as we were in the final stages of crafting this post. Nike SB‘s Trust Fall is our alternate choice. That aside, Caleb Barnett‘s section is one of our favorites of the year. And the entire video still stands out as one of 2019’s best offerings a full six months later.

05. Boys of Summer 2

We had been anticipating B.O.S. 2 since 2018; and it did not disappoint when it finally dropped in January. This franchise is a reminder that having a less-than-serious vibe doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the quality of the product. The skating and cast are both A-list. And the editing, especially the use of movie excerpts as b-roll, is as good as it gets.

04. Mark Suciu’s Verso

We typically wouldn’t include a solo part in a list of major video releases. But Mark Suciu‘s Verso deserves to be included here. It is hands down the most talked about video part of 2019, and the most thought out as well. Suciu’s magnum opus embodies the progressive nature of certain skate videos that gets us most excited to watch them in the first place. And we don’t think history will look back kindly on this not being rewarded with this year’s SOTY trophy.


03. Baker 4

While Suciu had the most talked about part, Baker 4 was definitely the most talked about video of 2019. It’s been 14 years since Baker 3 dropped; that alone set expectations high for its follow-up. The Boss and crew delivered in spades. Like its predecessor, people will be talking about Baker 4 for decades to come.

02. Primitive Encore

Primitive‘s Encore was the surprise release of the year. After stacking the team with heavy additions throughout 2019, it unveiled one of our favorite videos in recent memory. Well played, Primitive, well played. Aside from the awesome delivery, Encore checks all of the boxes in terms of impact, presentation, and progression. And Tiago Lemos‘s significance this year goes without saying.

01. Supreme Candyland

There’s no arguing that we’re currently living in the Bill Strobeck era. His influence can be seen in numerous videos that are released daily. Bill has the eye, and impeccable taste in music. His edits are instantly recognizable; and you always know that he’s going to bring it. Supreme‘s Candyland shines a light on San Francisco through Bill’s unique lens. The GX1000 presence, resurgence of Embarcadero, and raw documentation of street life in one of the United States’ most colorful cities gives Candyland an artistic edge on everything else that dropped this year, and lands it firmly in the number one slot on our Best of 2019 list.


Watch What Went Down in the Red Bull Lisbon Conquest



See the action unfolds in the Red Bull Lisbon Conquest as Madars Apse shows us what went down in the three-day event.

Red Bull Lisbon Conquest is the second time Red Bull organized such an affair after the successful Red Bull Paris Conquest last year.

The events aim to pay homage to the skate culture of great cities around the world featuring a contest held in replicas of some of the host city’s most iconic skate spots. The competition for this year was held in Praça do Comércio, Lisbon.

Unlike other skate contests, Red Bull Conquest has a head-to-head eliminator format. The judges wouldn’t give individual scores to the competitors but would determine who would progress to the next round.

Bruno Senra and Roos Zwetsloot won Red Bull Lisbon Conquest.

Aside from the contest, the Red Bull Conquest also features side events such as street sessions and local skate shop visits.

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Santa Cruz Skateboards’ ‘True Grit’ features Tom Asta



In this latest “True Grit” video by Santa Cruz Skateboards, Tom Asta revealed that he never planned on becoming a pro but just enjoyed skating as a teen. He turned out to be one of the best pro skaters we know today.

He talked about growing up in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and also showed his favorite skate spots in his hometown. Town mates Chris Cole and Ian Berry, and other pro skaters spoke about how they met Tom and how they have seen him develop into the skater that he is today.

The “True Grit” video series attempts to get an in-depth look into how skaters came to where they are now by visiting them in their hometowns and interviewing the people around them.

Watch more of Tom Asta in the Santa Cruz Skateboards’ welcome video below.

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Latest Nocturnup Video Now Playing



“Nocturnup: Seoul” is now playing on the Freeskatemag channel. This is the latest installment of the video series filmed by Nick Richards.

Filmed entirely at night, the video features Chris Colborn, Jasper Dohrs, Daryl Dominguez, Marquise Henry, Davide Holzknecht, and Tom Delion.

Daryl Dominguez thought of creating the series after visiting Bangkok in 2016. He found that it was too hot and crowded during the day so he thought the best time to skate and film videos would be at night. He then talked to filmmaker Richards about the idea and Nocturnup was born.

So far, Richards, Dominguez, and the rest of the crew have visited Bangkok, Hongkong, Taipei, and Seoul for the video series and plan to go to more cities soon.

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