UPDATE: Primitive’s ‘ENCORE’ Video Is Now Available Online

After seasonally sprinkling the internet with some of our favorite clips, Primitive has officially announced its fourth-quarter blitz in the form of ENCORE. The brand’s second full-length video is set to premiere on November 15, and release online a couple of days after. Considering the recent team additions, we’re predicting that it will pound-for-pound be the best video of 2019. When whoever ends up on stage at this year’s SOTY ceremony is accepting the trophy, remember that Carlos Ribeiro dropped three parts and won Tampa Pro in a span of seven months. Just sayin’.

UPDATE 11.17.19: You’ve seen Tiago’s part. Now, watch the the entire video.  We’ve updated the embed code above. Miles Silvas makes a serious case for taking home 2019’s SOTY trophy with that ender, sheesh.

UPDATE 11.16.19: This year’s SOTY race just got a whole lot more interesting with the early release of Tiago Lemos’s Encore part via the Thrasher site last night. Tiago’s nearly six-minute effort is the apple to Mark Suciu’s orange—incomparable, but equally impressive. Watch it below, and decide for yourself who is the more worthy candidate. The full Encore video releases online tomorrow. We’ll update when the link is available.