Questlove Partners With Impossible Foods on Plant-Based Cheesesteak

Questlove took to Instagram yesterday to announce his partnership with Impossible Foods on a plant-based cheesesteak. While The Roots drummer is not a vegetarian or vegan, he fell in love with the brand’s meatless beef, and has been working on bringing this new creation to market for the past year.

Impossible Foods teamed up with the Wu-Tang Clan last year on the introduction of Impossible Sliders at White Castle restaurants across the country. This move further cements the brand’s position within hip hop culture. Quest’s motivation is clearly based on his Philadelphia roots.

As a Philadelphian, of course, I take pride in a great cheesesteak. My team and I have developed a recipe using Impossible Meat that we hope will offer a delicious and sustainable alternative for all cheesesteak eaters.

Questlove’s Cheesesteak will be making its debut on March 28 at Citizen’s Bank Park for the Phillies home opener, and then expanding to 40 Live Nation venues across the country.

If you’re considering giving a plant-based diet a try after watching Alex Olson’s Mission Statement episode, this is certainly exciting news.

Image Via InVision