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Red Bull Solus Digital Qualifiers Now Open



Get a chance to qualify for the Red Bull Solus Finals to be held on June 6-8 at the Sandlot Shecklers Training Facility where you get an hour to film your best line.

One male and one female will get an all-expenses-paid trip to the finals on June 6-8 to compete with the invited pros.

Here’s how to join the qualifiers which will run from May 6 through 23.

  • Film your best run at the street park of your choice
  • Run must be one continuous, unedited line and 60 seconds or less
  • Please don’t add music and keep any logos to a minimum
  • Must be filmed on or after May 6, 2022
  • Post your run to Instagram using the #RedBullSolus hashtag
  • Submit your run on the Red Bull website (you must do this or your entry will not be judged)

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Your trip must be coming from the continental US if you win.

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It’s the Felipes vs. the Ribeiros in The Berrics’ New Skate Contest



Filipe Mota and Felipe Gustavo slug it out against Gustavo Ribeiro and Carlos Ribeiro in a Full Park Battle at The Berrics.

This new game format is like the game of SKATE but with some twists. In addition to the flat ground, the game of SKATE will also be played on the following obstacles: the ledge, the flat bar, the A-frame, the 7-stair, the 5-stair, the 10-stair, the hubba, and the manual pad. Each obstacle represents only one letter.

Watch the first part of the game below and tune in to The Berrics channel for the next parts of the Full Park Battle.

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SPoT’s 2023 Old Man Bowl Jam Set this January



Skatepark of Tampa starts the year with its annual 2023 Old Man Bowl Jam which will be held on January 28.

Now in its 13th year, the Old Man Bowl is like the Tampa Pro for retired pros, old GOATS, team industry heads, and skaters 30 years old and above.

There will be three divisions–30-39;40-49; and 50 and up. Contestants in each division skate in a 30-minute Ordered Jam. Skate until you fall with a first-wall rebate. Each skater receives individual scores based on their overall performance during the allotted time. Judges will be looking for difficulty, execution, variety, style, and speed. The final score is the average of the three individual judges’ scores. Prizes are awarded to the Top 3.

The fee is $25 for online advanced registration and $30 for in-person registration on the day of the event. You can register here.

Watch last year’s coverage of Old Man Bowl Jam below.

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T-Funk Wins SLS 2022 Trick of the Year



Tristan Funkhouser, more popularly known as T-funk is the Street League Skateboarding 2022 Trick of the Year winner.

T-Funk was also one of the finalists for Thrasher’s 2022 Skater of the Year, but the title went to Tyshawn Jones.

Here are the winners of the other side awards given out by SLS and the corresponding sponsors.

  • (A Shoc Energy) People’s Champ Award –Adriel Parmisano
  • (Visible) Line of the Year Award – Carlos Ribeiro
  • (Tiger Beer) Against All Odds Award – Justin Bishop
  • (BB Seguros) Style Matters Award – Jake Wooten
  • (Skater XL) XL Combo Award -Marcelo Profeta

T-Funk got $10,000 for winning the 2022 Trick of the Year while the side award winners took home $1,000 each.

Watch the clip from the Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk that won him the award below.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Watch the full video part here.

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