UPDATE: Andy Roy Interviews Nick Merlino in Episode 3 of Ripride

UPDATE 04.30.19: Andy keeps it going with a Nick Merlino interview on Episode 3 of Ripride. The conversation covers King of the Road, sobriety, Mike Sinclair, and much more. Check it out above.

Andy Roy released the debut episode of Ripride With Andy Roy via his YouTube channel this afternoon. Roy’s unique personality is clearly a perfect match for the medium. This first broadcast primarily serves as an introduction of what’s to come. But it sounds like they are planning on having guests on in the future. We’re definitely excited to see where this goes.

UPDATE 04.23.19: Andy Roy gets things fired up in Episode 02 of Ripride with a full video version of the podcast, and Alex Moul as his debut guest. Check it out above.

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