The Sidewalk Sale Goes Mainstream Via GQ Editorial

We figured that the Sidewalk Sale would get some mainstream coverage when we were alerted to the fact that Chloë Sevigny was donating items from her closet for last weekend’s event. Sure enough, GQ dropped an article yesterday on the phenomena that’s clearly striking a chord with everyone in the city this summer.

This being New York, the Sidewalk Sale couldn’t stay secret for long. And so, despite published hours of 1-6pm on a recent Saturday, teenage girls lined up just after noon upon hearing the news that Chloë Sevigny would be parting with pieces from her own closet. Some gems literally didn’t make it to the rack, snatched up as soon as Wollens and Sevigny put them on hangers. Organizers Ostrowski and Goodman rushed to create a line down Russell Street in order to maintain some structure—and to keep the focus where it belongs. It’s a fundraiser, not a party, Wiggs emphasizes—the point is to do good, not to look cool.

Read the full piece here. And check out Andrew Price’s short film if you missed it yesterday.

Image Via Andrew White / GQ