Read What Might Be Drake Jones’s Last Interview Ever

Drake Jones remains one of the most influential skaters of all time. While he’s likely barely on the radar of the current generation, a little bit of Drake’s style is still present in modern skating. SML recently gave the former Real and FTC pro a signature guest wheel. And Evan Schiefelbine sat down for an extensive interview with him in honor of the occasion, which, according to Drake,  will likely be his last. That’s too bad. His name has definitely come up when discussing potential guests for Mission Statement.

Any last things or shout outs or anything?

I don’t know if Aaron told you? But this will probably be my last interview ever. A lot of times interviews or things in the industry rub you the wrong way.

How did this one go? Was this alright?

Oh man this was great man. Kelly asked me to go on “The Nine Club” a couple times and I gracefully declined it. Since I’ve been back on Instagram people have been like you should go on The Nine Club. I watched Vinny Ponte’s episode which was pretty rad, Vinny’s a pretty rad guy, a New York guy…Like I didn’t skate to be famous you know?

I’m a big fan of Lee Smith’s “Mission Statement”.

Yeah is that cool? I’ve never seen one.

I like that one. I’m a fan. I havent seen every one of them, I think there’s like 10? I recommend it if you haven’t caught any of them. He just had one with Brian Lotti and they’re pretty conversational and organic. It’s pretty cool. Okay, so for any thanks yous you want to call out?

I would like to thank Karl Watson.

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Image Via Gabe Morford