Spanky Announces That He’s Going to Be a Dad on The Bunt

Congratulations are in order for Kevin “Spanky” Long. He and his lady are expecting a little girl in May. The Baker and Emerica pro makes the big announcement public starting at the 52:15 mark of the latest episode of The Bunt.

You know what? I’ll say what’s next. We’re having a baby in May. I’ve told most of the homies; but it’s one of those things. You start telling people as it goes on. That’s what the fuck is up. We’re halfway through; and we’re just preparing for a little girl to come in this world. I’m so hyped. It’s something that we’ve wanted for a bit. [Other than that,] just still skating, and filming a bunch of shit before she comes out. I’m still going to be doing everything the same; but I probably won’t be traveling for a bit once she’s around.

Listen to the entire episode above.