The Clyde Singleton x StrangeLove Deckaid Board Drops Today

One of our favorite aspects of Sean Cliver’s StrangeLove brand is that it often remixes and builds upon the classic World Industries graphics that we grew up on. This is the case with its new Clyde Singleton board that was produced in conjunction with Deckaid. It’s an updated version of the classic 101 Calvin and Hobbes art that is one of Clyde’s most memorable pro models.

Springboarding off the Deckaid exhibition in Tampa, Florida, on Friday, February 28, we dug deep into the state’s mid-’90s history to pay tribute to Jacksonville’s own Clyde Singleton. In 1996, Clyde was pro for 101 Skateboards, during which time Sean did a graphic for him inspired by a Big Brother magazine tour they went on together through Utah and the Rocky Mountains. Although the title of the resulting article was “The Finding of Oneself” [Issue #23], the tour really felt much more like losing oneself—or maybe just losing oneself’s underpants? Well, no need to go into that absurdity now. We all grow up, mature, and find our adult way through the world, as reflected in this modern day version of Clyde’s 101 graphic.

The boards and shirts will be dropping today via the StrangeLove site.

Images Via Deckaid & StrangeLove