UPDATE: Supreme’s ‘CANDYLAND’ Is Now Available for Online Viewing

Supreme’s latest video offering titled CANDYLAND premiered in San Francisco last night. Early reports are saying that that it is a full-length, and features 90 percent S.F. footage to coincide with the opening of its new store. Fans of Roll Up will be excited to know that there is a massive GX1000 presence in Bill Strobeck’s new offering, and the entire video is dedicated to P-Spliff.  Kader Sylla also has quite a bit of footage. Between this and Baker 4, he should be a top contender for SOTY this year. No word on when CANDYLAND will release to a wider audience. We’ll update when that information is available. 

UPDATE 10.24.19: Bill Strobeck released the video via his YouTube channel earlier today. This is definitely a highlight of 2019. Check it out above.