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Tampa Am Registration Ends on Saturday



It’s your final chance to join the Tampa Am 2022. Don’t miss the chance to register for the Last Chance Open on or before Saturday, October 1st.

One of the most anticipated amateur skateboarding contests, Tampa Am will happen on November 10-13 at the Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, Florida.

The annual event started in 1995. Since then, it became a proving ground for amateur skaters all over the world. Many of the top pros today started out in Tampa Am.

The Friday Last Chance Open is for those who weren’t able to qualify through the Damn Am Series this year. Registration doesn’t mean automatic qualification in the contest. Those accepted will be receiving confirmation from the Skatepark of Tampa.

Here is the schedule for this year’s Tampa Am.

Thursday, Nov. 10Friday, Nov. 11Saturday, Nov. 12Sunday, Nov. 13
9:00 amDoors Open/PracticeDoors Open/PracticeDoors Open/PracticeDoors Open/Practice
12:00 pmLast Chance Open
Select 150 skaters who have been approved based on video footage or notable results in prior Damn Am or Tampa Am contests
Tampa Am Qualifiers
Who skates
2nd to 12th place Damn Am Winners
2nd to 10th place from the Last Chance Open
Who skates
1st Placers in the previous Damn Ams
3rd thru 30th place in the Qualifiers
1st place in the Last Chance Open
3:00 pm Finals
Who skates
Top 10 from the Semis
Top 2 from the Qualifiers

5:00 pmRiders MeetingIndependent Best TrickAwards
Night LifeWelcome Party (6:00 pm)
Indoor Bowl Jam (7:00 pm)
After Party at the Bricks Restaurant (10:00 pm)
Art Show and Music Collective at the Bricks Restaurant (starts at 8:00 pm)Spot Anniversary Party + Madness Concrete Jam (6:00 pm)
After Party at the Bricks Restaurant (11:00 pm)
After Party at the Bricks Restaurant (9:00 pm)

Tickets are available on this page. Read the Tampa Am Ticket Guide for more information.

Watch the Tampa Am 2022 teaser below.

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Watch the Tampa Am Highlights Here



Here is what went down during the semis and finals of Tampa Am.

Daiki Ikeda from Tokyo, Japan won the 2022 Tampa Am. He is the younger brother of Daisuke who also won Tampa Am back in 2018.

Now in its 28th year, Tampa Am is considered a gateway into professional skateboarding. Many previous Tampa Am winners like Nyjah Huston, Felipe Gustavo, Ryan Decenzo, and Luan Oliveira are now professional skateboarders.

Aside from the main street skating contest, there were also side events such as the Concrete Jam bowl contest and the Independent Best Trick session. Tampa Am also featured concerts and art exhibits to celebrate the full diversity of skateboarding culture.

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Watch Battle 1 of the Queen of MACBA 2



It’s Rooz Zwetsloot vs. Giovana Dias in the first Queen of MACBA 2 Battle.

Queen of Macba is a game of SKATE where anything in the plaza count (ledge, stairs etc…). It’s one attempt each until the word MACBA is spelled out. Spots must be alternated when in command, so you can’t pick the same spot two times in a row. The defence has 2 tries and 3 tries on the last letter. The picnic table must be used one time in the game.

Roos Zwetsloot won this battle. Watch out for more Queen of MACBA battles here.

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Daiki Ikeda Wins Tampa Am 2022



Japanese Skateboarder Daiki Ikeda was hailed as the winner in the 2022 Tampa Am at the Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, Florida on November 13.

The 16-year-old skateboarder from Tokyo previously won two of the four stops of the Damn Am Series, the qualifying contest for Tampa Am.

Ginwoo Onodera from Yokohoma, Japan and Lazer Crawford of Glendale, Arizona joined him at the podium for second and third place respectively.

Here is Daiki’s winning run for the 28th Annual Tampa Am.

The winners for the minor events are as follows.

  • Mob G for Effort – Wesley Box
  • Skater XL Trick of the Weekend – Raimu Sasaki
  • Zumiez Destroyer – Cordano Russel
  • Independent Best Trick – JhanCarlos Gonzalez
  • Madness Concrete Jam – Nick Papa
  • Welcome to Town Bowl Jam – Logan Mozey

Watch the Tampa Am 2022 Finals below.

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