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Dan Mancina Featured in the Guinness World Record 2023 Book



Dan Mancina is stoked to be featured in the Guinness World Record 2023 Book.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Back on January 15, 2022, Mancina claimed the Guinness title for the longest 50-50 grind on a skateboard, 22 feet and 5 inches to be exact.

Mancina hadn’t always been blind. He started skateboarding when he was 13 years old mainly because he wanted to improve his snowboarding skills. Later on, he developed a love for skateboarding.

Around that age, he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa during a routine eye check-up. It is a rare eye degenerative disease that causes the retinal cells to slowly break down leading to loss of vision. By the time Mancina was 23, he completely lost his eyesight.

Mancina decided to relearn skateboarding and then started “Keep Pushing”, a non-profit that aims to share the skateboarding tradition with the differently-abled community.

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SLS Plaza to Rise in Woodward, Pennsylvania



Woodward, a leader in action sports experiences, and Street League Skateboarding (SLS), the premier professional skateboarding organization, have joined forces to create a new skate plaza in Woodward, Pennsylvania.

The SLS Plaza will be a unique 12,000-square-foot space featuring SLS competition-style elements, with designs inspired by official Street League-sanctioned events.

The plaza will allow Woodward campers to hone their skating skills in an environment typically reserved for competitions and ridden only by the best skateboarders globally.

Designed and built by California Skateparks, the plaza offers nearly 12,000 square feet of rideable area with various features, including multiple double sets with hubbas and round rails, two different-sized step-up gaps, a double kink round rail, a big triple set section with a round rail, and many more.

The plaza is geared towards intermediate to advanced skateboarders and offers a unique environment to progress and develop their skating talent.

“At every SLS tour stop, we work with California Skateparks to create a new course that will inspire SLS pros to push the progression of street skateboarding and fuel their creativity,” said Joe Carr, CEO of Thrill One Sports & Entertainment, SLS’ parent company. “While accessible to young skaters, the new SLS Plaza is built with those same goals in mind.”   

In addition to the plaza, Woodward will host weekly SLS-themed skate competitions in the new plaza during weeks 1-10 of the Woodward PA summer camp.

Weekly winners will be invited back for an SLS-themed amateur finals event during week 12, judged by SLS-sanctioned judges, providing a “real” professional competition experience.

The winner will receive a trip for two people to an SLS U.S. tour stop in 2024, including a VIP experience and the opportunity to skate the course outside the competition.

The collaboration between Woodward and SLS is part of the SLS Futures initiative, aimed at providing the next generation of skateboarding talent a pathway to the professional ranks.

Through this partnership, Woodward and SLS are committed to fostering a new generation of SLS competitors and stars.

The SLS Plaza is one of many renovations taking place at Woodward, Pennsylvania, including Sandlot East, an indoor skatepark designed by Ryan Sheckler, a multisport progression center, and a reimagined snake run.

Woodward has been offering innovative environments and dynamic programming in action sports since 1970, with eight destinations across the U.S.

Woodward Sydney is planned to open in 2024. Meanwhile, Street League Skateboarding has driven the growth and acceptance of street skateboarding worldwide since its founding by Rob Dyrdek in 2010.

SLS offers an amateur-to-professional pathway and creates thrilling live events across the globe, with the SLS Championship Tour being recognized as the world’s premier professional street skateboarding competition.

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Kelvin Hoefler, Rayssa Leal Win SLS Chicago



Kelvin Hoefler wins the SLS Chicago Stop. Photo courtesy of Monster Energy.

Brazilian Monster Energy Riders Kelvin Hoefler and Rayssa Leal won last weekend’s 1st stop of the 2023 Street League Skateboarding in Chicago, Illinois.

The Men’s Skateboard Street competition introduced the knockout rounds wherein riders were divided into four heats at five skaters each. The winners of the knockout rounds, plus the second-highest overall scorer, will face the defending SLS Champion, Gustavo Ribeiro, in the finals.

Hoefler secured his spot in the finals during the knockout round with impressive maneuvers. These included a kickflip frontside nosegrind on the tall Hubba, earning him 8.6 points, a half Cab noseslide to tailslide fakie scoring 8.9 points, and a half Cab backside Smith grind 180, which garnered him 9.0 points.

In the finals, Hoefler executed a flawless run that included a nollie nosegrind on the tall Hubba, a backside tailslide on the closeout rail, a kickflip backside lipslide on the flat rail, a kickflip frontside boardslide fakie down the rail, a switch frontside tailslide on the small Hubba, and a half Cab crooked on the tall Hubba, earning him a score of 8.2 points.

Meanwhile, the defending Women’s SLS Supercrown Crown Champion, Rayssa Leal, executed a flawless routine in her first of two 45-second Line attempts–including a backside 5-0 grind on the large Hubba, a backside Smith grind on the flat rail, a frontside bluntslide down the rail, a backside tailslide on the small Hubba, and a crooked grind on the tall Hubba, earning her 7.6 points.

Rayssa Leal during the 2023 SLS Chicago stop. Photo courtesy of Monster Energy.

In the Best Trick round, Leal continued to perform well, scoring 7.4 points for a backside Smith grind on the tall Hubba and 8.0 points for a perfect backside tailslide in the same spot. However, Leal’s loss of control on her subsequent attempt opened the door for her opponents to take the lead.

Battling in third place, Leal delivered a perfect frontside bluntslide down the tall Hubba on her final attempt, scoring 8.4 points and securing her victory.

The 2nd SLS 2023 stop will be on August 12 in Ariake Arena, Tokyo, Japan.

Watch the full Women’s and Men’s 2023 SLS Chicago coverage below.

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Spencer Barton Lands Every Flat Ground Trick



After 29,968 trick attempts in a span of roughly two years, Youtuber skater Spencer Barton was able to land every flat-ground trick.

He documented his journey on his YouTube channel.

Spencer Barton participated in the Battle at the Berrics 12 under the influencer category last year, competing against Jamie Griffin. Griffin won the influencer bracket and eventually came out as the overall champion.

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