Terry Kennedy to Release Documentary on His Life This Summer

Terry Kennedy has been a hot topic of conversation since parting ways with Baker a few months back, and subsequently joining the team at Muta. Nigel Alexander caught up with him for a timely interview in which he breaks down everything that’s currently going on in his world. This includes rebuilding Fly Society, working on new music, and a documentary on his life that he plans on releasing in the next few months.

It’s called Drifting Forward. I should be releasing that within two to three months. We filmed it in L.A. and Hong Kong. [It’s about] me and skateboarding, and that moment of clarity when I got sponsored and was able to make a career out of it. [It focuses on] the ups and down of it from the positive side of my life, and the negative side of my life; and how skateboarding kept me grounded. I’m excited.

Watch the full interview above. The bit about the film starts at 1:31. And check out Terry’s new part that dropped last week below if you haven’t seen it yet.

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