Brad Cromer Tells His Infamous Manny Santiago Cake Story on The Bunt

Brad Cromer is the latest guest on Season 8 of The Bunt. He runs through the usual things about his history, move to New York, and new HUF shoe that we’ve heard in recent interviews promoting the Cromer 2. But Brad delivers podcast gold starting at 24:50 when he tells a story about Manny Santiago getting upset because he thinks Brad was making fun of his birthday cake with a Famous Stars & Straps logo on it.

He’s jumping around the kitchen so fucking heated like, “Look, Brad doesn’t like the cake mom… He’s fucking screaming; and I’m so embarrassed. But why am I embarrassed? I didn’t do anything… I’m just standing in the kitchen with a backpack on. And he’s screaming, “Oh, too cool for the fucking cake!” He smashed his hand into the cake; ripped a giant chunk out; and threw it across the kitchen at me. And he’s just ripping apart his cake that it probably took his mom two days to make.

This story is laugh-out-loud funny. Listen for yourself above.