Cairo Foster Talks Retirement in The Bunt Interview

There are numerous examples of pros who milk professional skateboarding way past their prime. But the ones that are remembered fondly are those that bow out gracefully, and leave their fans wanting more. Heath Kirchart and Scott Johnston come to mind. And we can definitely include Cairo Foster in that category. He talks about the reason why he retired back in January of last year starting at the 58:57 mark of the latest episode of The Bunt.

I just wanted to dip out, and give space for other people on the team. In general, I think everything’s cyclical. It was bowing out to give shine to other people. I’m not saying that I was taking away from anybody… but I was working a lot at adidas. If I’m not out there to skate like it’s a full-time job, it’s a disservice having my name on a board.

Listen to the entire interview above.