Listen to the Audio From Tyshawn Jones’s Thrasher Interview

Thrasher’s The Basement Tapes return with Tyshawn Jones’s interview from the May issue. T.J. talks about passing the torch to Milton Martinez, future goals, and more in this 13-minute Q&A with Lui Elliott. 2018’s SOTY also reveals that he’d like to win the trophy again; and that he’s been getting into acting over the past year.

I would like to see if I could skate well enough to receive the award again, just to see if I’m capable of it. I don’t want to win no contests or anything. As for myself in my regular life, I want to buy my mom a house, a Rolls Royce truck, multiple Tastes So Good restaurants around the world and be happy. I would like to act as well. I’ve been trying it lately so you’ll see me on your TV screen in the near future. I’m not even going to list them all; people be hating out here. They only like you for what they know what you can do. Nobody ever wants to see you expand. I can sit here, say all the shit that has nothing to do with skateboarding and someone will tell me, “You’re trippin’. You already got this good at skateboarding and accomplished all of this, just only skate.” Like, no. I feel like it’s common to get trapped into a box and only do what you’re good at. I think everyone should want to expand, to do different things and explore. That’s what life is about. It’s too short to just do one thing. I mean, you could do one thing your whole life and enjoy it but that’s not for me.

Listen to the interview above.